Congratulations to all those archers who have been selected to shoot for England at the 2022 CACE in Kilmarnock Scotland , and thanks to all those who submitted scores to the selectors. 

The full teams are: 


Gent Compound:  Carl Richards (GWAS) Andrew Brooks  (WMAS) Thomas Lane (EmAS) Dillon Crow (NCAS)

Gent Recurve:  James Woodgate (SCAS) Tom Hall (WMAS) Ryan Holden (WMAS) Alex Wise (WMAS)

Lady Compound:  Grace Chappell (GWAS) Lizzie Foster (NCAS) Jenny Bryan (EMAS) Amy Bode (WMAS)

Lady Recurve:  Charlotte Hempsall (NCAS) Sophie Meering (AGB) Sarah Russell (SCAS) Katie Tonkinson (WMAS)

Barebow: James Arnall (GWAS) Sarah Hubbard (SCAS)


Gent Compound:  James Cornford (NCAS) Michael Kells (SCAS) Aaron Bainton (NCAS) Ian Clark (NCAS)

Gent Recurve:  Michael Judd (SCAS) Anthony Wood (SCAS) Leigh Hadfield (NCAS) Ian Burton (NCAS)

Lady Compound:  Michelle Sword (SCAS) Amy Wakefield (SCAS) Hannah Brown (SCAS) Polly Davis (NCAS)

Lady Recurve:  Ffion Edgeley (SCAS) Jennifer Collins (WMAS) Rebecca Stephenson (NCAS) Alex Currums (NCAS)

Barebow: Wilko van Kleef-Bolton (SCAS) Helen Brown (NCAS)