History of English Field Championships

In 1985 the World Games were held in G.B., the Field archery was based in Hatfield College and the event at Toolmes Scout camp. Don Stamp was the current Field Committee Chairman, and took the position of  chairman of the World Games Field Archery Organising committee.

After the event there were some expenses for the volunteer helpers. As there was not an English Field Championships, but there were Welsh, Irish and Scottish ones, Don suggested to the volunteers that if they gave some or all of the expenses to the field committee, they would start up an English Field Championships. The money mainly going to awards, also some persons/organizations gave trophies.

So in 1986 it was started. Sometime later, Don asked me to take over the organisation.

The event was stand alone, and although the English, it did not have an umbrella committee. It did not come under the GNAS Field committee, but Don and I used to report to the annual meeting of that committee for the attention of the Liaison officers of English regions

A few years ago the English Archery Federation asked if they could finance it and have it as E.A.F Championships.

This the Secretary of the event, and the then current Regional Liaison officers agreed to.

So it is now the EAF Field Championships, which I arrange each year, usually by asking Field event organisers to stage specific or combine with an event they are already organising.

The event moves around the country and has been at the following:

1986 – 1st GWAS Nr. Cheltenham, Gloucester

1987 – 2nd SCAS Overton Black Arrows, Kingsclere, Nr. Newbury, Hampshire

1988 – 3rd SCAS Raven, Petersfield, Hampshire

1989 – 4th NCAS Sellafield, Cumbria

1990 – 5th SCAS Raven, Petersfield, Hampshire

1991 – 6th  NCAS Sellafield, Cumbria 

1992 – 7th GWAS Kenwith, Biddeford, North Devon

1993 – 8th NCAS Sellafield, Cumbria

1994 – 9th SCAS Woodstock, Kent

1995 – 10th NCAS Cheshire

1996 – 11th NCAS Sellafield, Cumbria

1997 – 12th GWAS Mortonhamstead 

1998 – 13th SCAS Crawley, Sussex

1999 – 14th NCAS Otterburn, Northumberland & Durham

2000 – 15th SCAS Overton Black Arrows, Hampshire (juniors at Crawley, Sussex)

2001 – 16th NCAS DVAC, Yorkshire

2002 – 17th SCAS Raven, Hampshire

2003 – 18th NCAS Cheshire

2004 – 19th NCAS Kendal, Cumbria

2005 – 20th SCAS Worthing, Sussex

2006 – 21st EMAS Northampton

2007 – 22nd NCAS Cheshire

2008 – 23rd SCAS Woodstock, Kent 

2009 – 24th NCAS Kendal, Cumbria 

2010 – 25th SCAS Overton Black Arrows, Hampshire

2011 – 26th NCAS Cheshire

2012 – 27th GWAS Mere, Somerset

2013 – 28th NCAS DVAS, Yorkshire

2014 – 29th SCAS Fort Purbrook, Hampshire