Social Media Protocols

Social Media & FaceBook Protocols approved by the Archery England AGM on 24th November 2019

In respect of the privacy notice concern was also raised regarding photos at events being posted to Social Media sites without the subject knowing of this action.  Whilst policies and procedures exist; the high incidence of  taking photos with camera phones has become difficult to ‘police’ such policies. In consideration of this and publicity through social media and the web-site for selected team members it was agreed that a statement should form part of the Team Member Code of Conduct and be added to the criteria and FAQs on the web-site:

Statement: General Information for Media and PR purposes

The Archery England will share, on the EAF website, your name, official photograph, date of birth, athlete career information and other  information as gathered from and agreed with you. This information may also be shared in Archery GB publications such as Archery UK magazine, Bow Magazine and related publications.

In addition, your image and information about performance at events may be covered in Team Manager reports and shared with external journalists and publications for the purposes of promoting and publicising you, the EAF and related Commonwealth Games publicity and with Archery GB.