GDPR Statement

Protection of Privacy – ARCHERY ENGLAND

(The English Archery Federation: EAF)

1 Data stored

1.1 Essential Data provided by members

Members are the English Regions of the Grand National Archery Society which trades as Archery GB. Namely EMAS, GWAS, NCAS, SCAS, WMAS. The EAF operates a committee for governance under which delegates from each of the regions listed above agree to be communicated with by the elected executive officers of the EAF. Other appointed officers also agree to receive communication from the executive and each other from time to time as required. Their personal information is limited and necessary to access the services of the federation. The required information is as follows.

Last and first name, Mailing address., Email, Telephone number

1.2 Optional Data provided by members

Delegates and Officers bank details are not recorded other than supplied by the delegate and officer for the reimbursement of expenses in agreement between the claimant and treasurer.

1.3 Additional data recorded

Submission of scores by archers for selection to English Teams, which are destroyed following the selection process.

2 The database

2.1 Processing manager

The Secretary on behalf of the on behalf of the Federation, currently

Mrs Lynne A Evans MBE (ArcheryGB 851031) and can be contacted as follows:

2.2 Security of Data

The data are stored on an encrypted standalone computer as a password protected database in the United Kingdom. Measures to prevent the loss of data include regular backups on a stand alone hard drive

2.3 Use of data

Data is used for the following purposes

* To distribute information relevant to meetings, events developments

* To identify members whose subscription have lapsed

2.4 Use of basic data 

In order to promote the Federation’s activities, limited data will be published on the Federation website.. Published data will consist of those details which each individual member, officer and or archer has agreed may be published e.g.scores.  Nothing will be published without express permission.

2.5 Transmission of data

Data is used solely for the purposes above. It is not transmitted in any way to outside organisations. In addition, a full list of member names and addresses is periodically provided to the Treasurer. In every case, the data file will be password protected.

2.6 Individual data 

In the event of an enquiry from outside the Federation the member or members in question will be asked to contact the enquirer, if they wish to do so. No personal details will be provided to the enquirer

3 Mailings

3.1 Emails sent to the Federation

These emails may be stored and archived to enable optimal follow-up.

3.2 Emails sent by the Federation

Emails may be sent to members solely for the purpose of general communication: For example, to respond to requests for information or to remind members about forthcoming meetings and deadlines.

3.3 Other information sent by the Federation

4 Right to access, change, correct and remove personal data

4.1 Principle

In accordance with the new GDPR dated 25 May 2018 on the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data, users are entitled to access, change, correct and/or remove their personal data.  These rights can be exercised as described below.

4.2 Obtaining personal data held by the Federation

The Federation will provide all a member’s personal data in its possession on receipt of their written request. This information will be provided by email.

4.3 Change to, or deletion, of data

Personal data can be changed, amended or deleted by contacting the Secretary